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Many Canadian stroke survivors are being denied the opportunity to recover to their best potential and partially because of a lack of publicly funded Post -stroke treatment/rehab services. We have the opportunity of helping these Canadians become abled and productive citizens again with new Bilateral Healthcare Agreements.

The Trudeau government has committed to sign new Bilateral Healthcare Agreements with the Provinces and Territories to deliver concrete results for Canadians.

Please ensure that these new Bilateral Healthcare Agreements stipulate the mandatory provision of publicly funded Post-stroke treatment/rehab services/programs in accordance with National Best Practices.

Stroke is on the rise across Canada for all age groups and our public healthcare systems need to respond accordingly.

These Canadians deserve a chance to recover to their best potential and possibly return to work or continue their Post-Secondary Studies and become productive citizens in our society.

Thank you in advance for considering my request!

Most Kindly,

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